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Agricultural Irrigation Meter

Tarımsal Su Sayacı

Tarımsal Sulama Sayacı UTM65
Tarımsal Sulama Sayacı UTM80
    Key Features
    • Ultrasonic measurement method gives more accurate results than classical mechanic heat meter measurement
    • The product does not have any moving part so that has a longer life than classical mechanic heat meters
    • Automatic switching off remotely or when it is out of credit via integrated cut valve
    • Managing credit by Prepaid Software and Card Reading System (Works with RFID card.)
    • Low energy usage provides long-term battery life up to 10 years
    • Maximum applicable pressure (MAP) is 16bar

Model Selection for Agricultural Water Meter Purchase
  • When purchasing an agricultural water meter, the amount of flow in the area where the meter will be used should be considered.
  • The model with the most suitable DN (meter inner diameter) diameter for the flow rate should be selected.
Flow Measuring Range

The table below shows the model table associated with DN (meter inner diameter) - flow rate measurement range.

ModelMinimum Flow (qi)Transition Flow(q2)Nominal Flow(q3)Overload Flow(q4)
UTM800,25 m3/h0,4 m3/h63 m3/h78,75 m3/h
UTM1000,25 m3/h0,4 m3/h100 m3/h125 m3/h