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Gate Valve


Atlas LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway

Atlas Gate Valve ( Dn50 to Dn300 )



  • PN6/PN10/PN16/PN25
  • DN50……..DN300
  • EN GJS400  Material
  • Thermoplastic Coated (WRAS)
  • Seat Material EPDM ( WRAS )


The valves disc is rubber-packed to get excellent sealing effect by the rubber's resilient deformation.
Non-rising resilient seated gate valves solve the problem in general gate valves such as leakage, rusting etc. and saves installation space. It is used widely in tap water industry, sewage treatment, shipping construction,petroleum, chemicals, food, pharmacy, textile, electric power, metallurgy and energy system's pipeline to adjust and shut off fluids.

Best Features

Low torque operation
Rubber encapsulated wedge
Clockwise closing direction
Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside
Product Advantages
• The body is EN GJS400,high level than national stanard, can not be broken  when transport.

• Both inner and out part is Thermoplastic coating, the thickness is 300μm minimum,can prevent rust well,can be used in  sewage system. ( can be  arranged by the customer requirements, tested and documented after production)

• The wedge is coated with EPDM, the EPDM proportion can reach 50%,steable and good resilient.

Atlas Gate Valve


Our company has all kinds of testing capabilities. Paint, material and durability tests are done and certified. Documentation is provided by testing according to customer demands.

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