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Termostatik Radyatör Vanası

  • Unical DN15 TRV
  • Relevant standard : EN 215
  • Working pressure : 10 bar
  • Maximum working temperature : 120°C
  • Setting range : +5° , +29°C
  • Nominal flow rate : qmNH=265kg/h (±)
  • Hysteresis : C=0,4K
  • Differential pressure influence : D=0,4K
  • Water temperature influence : W=0,6K
  • Response time : Z=23 min
Connection Size
Model Size
Thermostatic head M30x1,5
Thermostatic valves DN15 straight ½"
Thermostatic valves DN15 angled ½"


Packaging specifications:


Model Box size
Carton size
Pallet size
PCS/each pallet
Unical DN15 55x55x95 57.5X30X21 100 16 92X118X115 3000


Ensures optimal comfort at home, room by room.

Atlas radiator thermostats help people to obtain comfort in their homes. By maintaining constant desired room temperatures, individually or room by room, and by helping to reduce energy consumption.

They can save approximately 20% compared to a manually operated valve due to utilization of free heat gains and constant room temperature.

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