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Advantages of using Atlas Calorimeter.

Advantages of using Atlas Calorimeter

Atlas Calorimeter It is used to measure the heat energy spent in heating and cooling systems. It is used in systems with common collector (mobile) in the building structure which is heated with central system. The heat meter calculates the difference between by measuring the flow temperature and the return temperature with external and internal temperature sensors. It also measures the amount of water passing through the plumbing with the flow meter. The heat meters that calculate the heat energy consumed with these measured values provide the distribution of the heat cost according to the consumption values.
Atlas Calorimeter, Ultrasonic and Mechanical flow meter options are available. It is produced in hybrid structure which can be used in heating and cooling systems and fully compatible with automation systems. Wired and wireless communication options are available. It can be connected to standard automation systems without any additional operation and can be directly interrogated on the internet by entering from
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