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What is Calorimeter (Heat meter)?

What is Calorimeter (Heat meter)?

Temperature is a measure of the temperature or coldness of an object. It is a measure of the average molecular kinetics energy of a system. (1)
Heat is the energy transferred from the limits of a system at a given temperature to a system of lower temperature, due to the temperature difference. Heat is an energy transfer form like work. The heat can be determined at system boundaries and in transition. Both are a curve function. Heat is a kind of energy that provides the temperature that a hot substance conveys to the cold matter. (2)
The heat meter is the device where this energy is measured. The place of use is generally to determine the consumption values of the heat transfer devices to be the basis for payment.
Its widespread use in buildings is after the Law on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

They are used to measure the amount of heat consumed in heating and cooling systems. It is used in systems with central heating system and installation structure with collector (mobile).
The heat meter calculates the difference between by measuring the flow temperature and the return temperature with external (on the body of the compact meters) and internal temperature sensors. It also finds the energy consumed by momentary measuring the passing flow.

Heat meters consist of three main components;

Flowmeter: Measures the amount of heating water circulating in the radiator of the apartment.
Temperature Sensor Pair: Measures the temperature value of the heating water before it enters the apartment and the temperature value of the exit from the apartment after it circulates in the radiators.
Calculation Unit: Calculates the amount of heat consumed and stores in memory the previous consumption amounts.

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