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Necessary İnformation about Calorimeter…

Necessary İnformation about Calorimeter…
1) What is Calorimeter?

Calorimeter is a measuring instrument used in central heating systems and used to calculate how much energy each individual section consumes. The calorimeter consists of mechanical and electronic components and has a flow measurement system and electronic calculation unit.

2)  What is Mechanical Calorimeter?

The mechanical calorimeter works with the turbine system like water meters and measures the amount of water passing through it volumetrically. In this calorimeter system, the measurement is done mechanically and the calculation is carried out with the electronic calculation unit.

3) What is Ultrasonic Calorimeter?

Ultrasonic calorimeter performs water flow measurement by ultrasonic method. There is no mechanical part. All measurement and calculation processes are performed in electronic environment. The calculation unit also performs flow measurement.

4) What is the difference between mechanical and ultrasonic calorimetry?

Although the mechanical and ultrasonic calorimetry is perform basically the same function, the measurement systems are different. The resulting measurement and calculation information are the same but these systems have advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. In a clean closed system, ultrasonic calorimetry will always give better results. It should be known that mechanical systems tend to show deficiency over time. In ultrasonic systems, this defect rate is lower and the meter works more stable over time.

5) Should we use thermostatic radiator valve? Why?

In systems with calorimeter and heating cost allocator, it is legally necessary to install a thermostatic valve and is extremely important for the efficient use of these systems. If the system does not have the thermostatic valves there is a consumption out of user control. Thermostatic valves are a plumbing material that automatically adjusts the temperature values within the room and directs people to energy savings.

6) Calorimeter system was installed, how will we save?

The calorimeter system alone does not provide save. At the same time you must have a thermostatic valve and via this consume the least energy without compromising comfort conditions. Thus, you can prevent the transfer of more than necessary energy to the environment.

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