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Domestic Hot Water Station


  • Prepare hot water according to your needs.
  • Stopping the circulation through the heat exchanger in the absence of hot water prevents unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Thermostatic temperature regulating valve can be adjusted with the use of water.
  • Between 30kW and 85kW can be manufactured to order.
  • The amount of water circulating in the system is fixed on the differential pressure valve.
  • Entirely constructed of stainless steel.
  • Circulating water temperature even though the water temperature constant amount.


  • Provides much needed hot water preparation in the apartment.
  • Ready for use in hot water temperature setting on the water circulating independently.
  • There scald protection.
  • Stops circulation on heat exchanger if domestic water is not used.
  • The Atlas differential pressure valve prevents the temperature difference in a building.
  • Protection for Legionella bacteria
  • Prepared on a single plate, easy to install
  • According to order power of product and directions of input and output can be changed
  • Can be remotely read by heat meter and hot water meter with M-Bus
  • Do not need external power supply

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