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Installation Manual

  ATLAS Calorimeter Installation Manual

1. Materials
  • Atlas Calorimeter (Heat Meter) 1 Pcs
  • Ball Valve 1 Pcs (Optional 2 Pcs)
  • Ball Valve with Thermocouple Input  Pcs
  • Dirt Filter 2 Pcs (Recommended amount)

2. Installation Instructions
  1. Before installation calorimeter, one piece ball valve is installed at out of return collector in mobile systems.
  2. One piece dirt filter is mounted after ball valve according to flow direction at mechanic calorimeters (it is not required at ultrasonic meters). 
  3. After ball valve and dirt filter mounting finished, a pipe as long as calorimeter mounted with meter fitting
  4. It is recommended that a dirt filter is also mounted at outgoing of pipe
  5. A ball valve is also mounted at outgoing of second dirt filter
  6. Doing connection main return line after second ball valve
  7. Sensor valve which has input for thermocouple is munted between outgoing collector and outgoing main line
  8. After all installation steps are done, water is supplied to system
  9. Keeps circulation working till 2 days, dirts on the system are blocked by filters
  10. After system is cleaned enough, mounted pipe instead of calorimeter is removed and calorimeter is mounted by the water flow direction
  11. Calorimeter has two temperature sensor. Blue one is mounted on meter body and red one is mounted on sensor valve which is on outgoing line.
  How to install calorimeter  

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