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Remote Meter Reading


Today the heat  meter which is placed in our home/office collects the data of the energy consumed and displays it on either a number dial or digital display. At the end of every billing cycle the person from service provider has to visit the place where the meter is placed to get the reading and either note it down or takes an image of heat meter for further data processing (i.e. for generating the bill).The proposed system automatically reads the heat meter data and sends it to the service provider on reception of a specific message from service provider. It uses a GSM modem for this purpose. The system can also provide the facility to disconnect the supply of a customer in case of any payment related issue.

To implement this system, an GSM based ATLAS Terminal board is used. It uses a 32-bit processor with  timer/counter module, PWM and UART module to interface a GSM modem and heat  meter.The heat meter which generates the MBUS signal as well as get the datas energy consumed is used. 

Now, when the service provider sends a message to read the heat  meter data, GSM modem, which is connected through UART interface. This causes  read the number of units burnt and sends the data to the UART. Further, the UART sends the data to GSM modem which sends this meter reading data to service provider. 

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